A year of robot activity is unleashed on Leeds

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robotIf you’re struggling to keep those well-intended New Year’s resolutions now that January is progressing, spare a thought for Will Power the Leeds-based robot who is keeping track of hundreds of our best intentions.

The resolution robot, was launched into the world at the start of the year by interactive events initiative Playful Leeds and has been receiving people’s pledges and responding with messages via text and Twitter ever since.

It is the first robot to venture out in what is due to be a year of related activity in the city which will culminate in the creation of 10,000 robots.

Creator Emma Bearman said Will Power had in part been inspired by research conducted by British psychologist Richard Wiseman, who surveyed 3,000 people in 2007 and found that  88% of resolutions ended in failure.

She said: “Our brains may need help to stay resolved after the Christmas break, which is exactly what Will Power the Resolution Robot hopes to do throughout 2014.

”My New Year’s Resolution is to see 10,000 robots appear by October 2014 - made through the ingenuity of people of all ages across Leeds. I’ll be texting Will Power the resolution bot  so that he can help us to stay on track through the year.”

Throughout the year, March of the Robots will present events, films, workshops and create missions to encourage the widest population of Leeds to get creative together. Individuals, businesses, schools, universities,and the public sector will be invited to help create 10,000 robots for the playful take-over in October 2014, in celebration of the creative and scientific talent and also aims to reveal the hidden stories of the technology and manufacturing strength of Leeds.

If you’d like some robotic assistance, text messages to Will Power the Resolution Robot using the number 0113 3201401 or follow @WillPowerBot on Twitter.