Pea Soup Digital takes no-nonsense approach to digital

A Teesside-based agency has launched aiming to tackle the sector with a ‘no-nonsense approach’ it feels is currently lacking in other agencies.

Pea Soup Digital is a product of Thornaby-based mobile phone accessory supplier PJA Distribution,and was born specifically out of the company’s frustration with the digital marketing industry as a whole.

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Prolific Advice: Think your work is protected by a terms and conditions policy? Think again to avoid a costly court case

Last year we partnered with three leading professional firms – Lucas Fettes, Tree Accountancy and Turner Parkinson – to offer a quality new advisory service for our readers, Prolific Advice.

This week, Andrew Booth, Partner at Turner Parkinson, takes a look at the legal dangers associated with agencies and other companies not protecting their work with proper terms and conditions.

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On and offline advice and support from our Prolific Advisers

Following the summer trial launch of our new on and offline service Prolific Advice, which offers free and confidential advice to company owners and directors; the systems and admin we’ve deployed are all working well and we’re ready to up the ante and start helping many more of our ambitious readers as they endeavour to build their growing businesses.

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Prolific Advice to go live in next few days

Prolific Advice, an innovative new initiative created by Prolific North is going through its final testing phase and will be commencing in the next few days. Specifically developed for owners and managers of creative and media companies, Prolific Advice will be providing online professional advice and opinion at no initial charge.

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