ITV's Teesside 'speak proper English' video goes viral

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teesideThis video claiming to show showing an ITV presenter giving a patronising ‘proper English’ lesson to a man in Teesside is an unlikely youTube hit this week.

The clip, now viewed more than 2m times, features someone claiming to be 'David Green for ITV News' trying to teach the man to say ‘butter’ and ‘tomorrow’ in Middlesbrough.

The presenter eventually says: “That’s it!” and signs off his clip saying “standard English on the streets of Teesside - together we can do this.”

It is thought that the clip isn’t recent although it was only published to youTube this week.

But since it was recently shared on Facebook it has had than two million views, almost 56,000 likes and has even featured in the local paper although its authenticity is not proven.