Chief ventures into North Korea for basketball documentary

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Exclusive image courtesy: Chief Exclusive image courtesy: Chief

A film crew from Manchester production company Chief are currently in Pyongyang, North Korea to make a behind-the-scenes documentary to the controversial ‘Hoops Not Nukes’ basketball game.

The game, which started at 9am this morning, features a team of ex-NBA all-stars versus the North Korean national team, has been organised by the flamboyant former NBA star Dennis Rodman, who has recently struck up an unlikely friendship with the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

Rodman claims that the game will help to bridge the cultural divide between North Korea and the US, but many, including the NBA themselves, have spoken about their refusal to condone the event, especially in the light of recent stories coming out of Pyongyang.

Earlier this week Rodman told Sky News that he "loves" the North Korean leader and claims that "when the time comes" he will discuss human rights with Kim Jong-Un. This clip is of him speaking at Beijing airport as he departed for his latest trip.

The finished film, which Chief has exclusive access to, aims to provide a rare glimpse inside one of the most secretive countries on the planet, as well as revealing who comes out on top, not just between the two teams, but between Rodman and his decriers.