Alcohol film launches Peacocks Media into the north

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Andrew Lindsay Andrew Lindsay

A chance meeting with a recovering alcoholic has led to a film collaboration for a writer and broadcaster.

Andrew Lindsay, who is about to run the Quays TV output for Salford University, came up with the idea for the film Tony’s Story after hearing from businessman Tony Noonan who has been sober since 2009.

Noonan, who previously ran a haulage business in the north west, is determined to change the way alcoholism is treated by raising enough investment to build an "aftercare" centre.

He said: “I came up with the idea of just Tony speaking, chopped at different angles - his story is fascinating and powerful and I wanted the starkest backdrop so we shot it at Photolink in Ardwick.”

He added that this would be the first of five films on alcoholism and the issues surrounding addiction produced by Peacocks Media which started out in Bristol and is now expanding into the north.

“The second one is in the edit but we are working on another couple of interesting (and much lighter) projects, one or two of which should see the light of day by the end of the month or early February.”