Hollywood stars “linked” to play Barrow submariner

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by Stephen Chapman

It was the deepest underwater rescue in history as the Pisces III submarine became trapped on the Atlantic Shelf. Roger Chapman, a submariner from Barrow found himself stuck in the 6-foot machine for 3 days, alongside colleague, Roger Mallinson.

no time on our sideNow, he’s in talks with Giant Films in London, to make his story into a film and according to numerous reports, Ewan McGregor and Jude Law have been approached to play him.

Chapman, who at 68, continues to work in the industry at James Fisher Defence in Barrow  was rescued from the submarine with just “minutes” of oxygen remaining.

They had been sent down to bury telephone cables in the ocean off the coast of Ireland and as they were surfacing, the craft suffered an accident and sank to the bottom of the Atlantic.

The pair had a torch, one sandwich, a can of lemonade and 66 hours of oxygen to live on.

The film would be based on the book, No Time On Our Side, with the rights originally bought by a Canadian film company, but these expired in 2012.