Capital Properties appoints marketing head

Stephen Chapman's picture

Capital Properties has announced the appointment of Libby Collingburn who’ll head up its marketing.

She’ll also run the company’s animation and events off-shoot, Capital Life. This part of the firm worked with Allied London to create the open-air cinema, Screenfields at Spinningfields as well as the Christmas ice rink.

“The creativity that Capital Properties exercises in every aspect of its business is an example of the power of original marketing, and I’m looking forward to getting involved with some exciting new developments in 2014,” said Collingburn, who was previously head of marketing for Proteintech.

Capital Properties operates in Manchester, Leeds, London and Aberdeen.

“At Capital Properties we want to bring innovative solutions that are fresh and exciting, but are built upon a detailed understanding of how to turn a development into a community. Libby is a fantastic addition to our team, and will bring new expertise to the Capital Life creative campaign,” added Fran Burgess, communications and events director.