Liverpool’s newly elected Metro Mayor, Steve Rotheram, says that the city must “raise its ambition to compete and prosper.”

He laid out his plans for the future, including a review of the roles of the City Region’s different marketing, investment and economic agencies. He stated that there should be a single organisation to attract international investors.

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“The most important single message that I want to deliver,” he stated. “Is that our City Region must upscale its level of ambition and we must define our future economic vision as a place that creates and sustains more high value employment, builds more successful businesses and attracts greater levels of UK and international investment.”

In the wide-ranging speech he also called for closer collaboration with Greater Manchester – to recognise “common interests and our increased economic interdependence.”

“Strong relationships, mutual trust, shared goals, policy and political consistency, a long-term perspective and the right institutional architecture are the foundations for future prosperity. They are powerful signals to the outside world, that we are open for business,” he added.