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We’re looking for a midweight Front End Developer to join our talented team!

The successful applicant will be working with a mixture of established and cutting edge client-side technologies, demonstrating exceptional coding standards and attention to detail with a proven ability to take the lead working in small, focused teams.


Reporting to the Team Technical Manager, responsibilities include:

• Executing a high standard of UI development while applying an understanding of established UX practices and a keen eye for design detail, both with Adaptive and Responsive design
• Implementing a “Design in Browser” approach to build along with a more traditional component-led PSD / Build approach
• Collaborating with key internal project stakeholders on job estimations and costing
• Liaising and communicating with technical client stakeholders
• Identifying, learning and applying relevant new techniques


• 3+ years of development experience on medium to large scale web applications developing complex UI
• Expert knowledge of semantic HTML 5 and CSS 3 implemented across the usual popular devices and browsers
• Good understanding of the principles of progressive enhancement
• Experience developing mobile-first responsive sites
• Knowledge of JavaScript fundamental concepts and understanding of the native language
• Experience with VCS systems such as Git or SVN
• Experience using SASS and/or LESS
• Experience with browser module management tooling such as Webpack, Browserify or RequireJS
• Experience with JavaScript frameworks such as React, Backbone, AngularJS or EmberJS.
• Knowledge of Grunt, Gulp or another automation tool
• Experience with NodeJS (as a development environment) and NPM


• Experience with a back-end language such as NodeJS, PHP or .NET
• Experience with CI tools such as Jenkins, Hudson or Team City
• General OO programming concepts
• Knowledge of popular design patterns and the ability to apply them properly
• Understanding of considerations for coding for high performance
• Knowledge of client-side unit testing frameworks
• Experience with popular content management systems such as WordPress, EpiServer or contentful

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Please send your CV, along with examples of work to One or more of the following would suffice:

One or more of the following:

– Personal portfolio page
– Github page
– Zip containing some piece of front-end code he / she is proud of
– Link to site you have worked on (plus details of responsibilities)

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