An online music distribution platform has been launched out of MediaCityUK.

The team behind Distribeat say it offers an affordable, simple, online distribution network for music artists. Musicians upload their tracks to the platform, which then distributes them via online channels, including iTunes, Amazon, Google Music, Deezer and Spotify.

The team behind it are Dave Pickering, the founder of Cloudit; broadcast engineer Rick Prince; and sound engineer Jonny McGarty.

“Myself, Rick and Jonny have either been in bands or been part of the production teams who create music. We see a lot of great talent and wanted to use our technical experiences to bring these artists direct to audiences,” explained Distribeat CEO, Dave Pickering.

“We are the opposite of a talent show culture, we are here for new bands, original artists, bedroom producers and even acts who have being gigging for years but who have never had their music shared. We hope we can offer musicians the confidence to put their work out there and start to enjoy some recognition for their hard work.”

The company’s pricing structure is based around single, EP and album uploads, saying that artists are “in full control of their finances with monthly statistics on their release sales and receipt of the royalties for tracks played.”

Co-founder, Rick Prince explained that it was the digital equivalent of selling demos at gigs:

“Back in the late 80’s and early 90’s when I was actively gigging and trying to make it as the ‘next big thing’ the only way we could get our music heard was to spend small fortunes on cassette copies of our demos and try and sell them at gigs. We’d also send them out to record companies and radio stations never really knowing if they wouldn’t just end up in the bin.”

Pickering added that there were “no restrictive management contracts” and the artists retained the rights to their music.

“The music industry is facing difficult time at the moment and only highly successful acts such as Adele or Coldplay are making any money. Marketing budgets are being thrown at established acts and new acts are struggling. We hope Distribeat can alter this and offer distribution for unheard of acts,” added Distribeat co-founder, Jonny McGarty.